Friday, March 23, 2007

Best way to top ten search returns for your website

web design for online shopping mallSay you have a website like the one shown here.
You would of course want to be found by potential customers.
How can you achieve
this goal in this 1-window environment?
  • Easy, just find a way to be returned amongst the top ten search results in Google, Yahoo and a few business directories.
  • Easy i say?!?!
Example for new CSS website design for SMEHow to surely get your site into the top ten search results in the most widely used Search Engine(s)
  1. Hire between 100 and 1000 (or more) employees!
  2. No more then about 5 employees per country you have business interests at!
  3. Get all these employees to do nothing but clicking around your web site all day and night long in all these countries, they must rotate from their own pc's to friends pc's or any publically accessible pc's.
  4. Make sure you can arrange at least every month once a big press conference in each of the countries that will ensure your sites URL is mentioned on TV as well as in numerous print publications.
  5. Print endless amounts of business cards and let every emploee have them handing around to about anyone who has functional hands.
Template example for smooth yet dynamic web design from 11a affordable webdesign and maintenance
That is indeed already all it takes, as i said, easy as 1 2 3!

But wait, i hear you claiming stuff like "to costly", "unrealistic".
Well, go tell the Goo's and Yah's, see if they care, it's a not their business, they just classify websites that way, how you get it there does not concern them in the least!

css layout style web design services, Flash web designThe above will probably sound like a bad joke to most readers but this is exactly the way the internet, the www is rotating towards, if you don't get traffic to your site you don't get a high enough ranking.
Kind of like the young University student that has some great degrees in this or that and then starts reading the job offers that all say "5 years experience required"!
It does not look like there is a way out of this rat race anymore, commercialism has hit the net for good, the small web site owner - well, we're so sorry folks, buy link popularity here or there, do this or that, go bankrupt overspending for that top rank place on the biz sun.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Web Design after May 2006, a loosers philosophy

Once there was a time...........

In the old days before the internet this phrase would spam some 20 to 50 years or more, online we all know it's a matter of a year or two and things have changed considerably.

Of course, the reason is simple, continuos advancement of technology, improvements etc.
From the old "trash-bin" style Search Engine Altavista to the well advanced Google nonsense was a matter of just about 6 years or so.

Up to about May 06 it was an open secret that seo is nothing but filling your web site with the right keyphrases up and down the walls "keyword saturation" it was called, and all of it had to be in-line with the kind of still usable META Tags.
Then the big shocker, even Google realised that since everyone knew about keyword saturation the same would be abused by anyone in the hope to get top search returns in the later.

What did Google do about it?
In the German language there is a great "key"-word for this, Schildbuerger Streich", loosly translated people who have a stupid idea without realising it's a stupid idea.
Link Popularity is a typical American intelligence wisdom stupidity, and of course, this new main issue put into top search returns gets once again everyone scrambling for links links and more links, but that's not all, quality links from other sites with quality links that have quality links to other sites with quality links - oh my, even Google itself hates the term "links" or "Search Engine" by now!!!!

Critisizing is something everyone can do, but come up with something better is
A: better and
B:a bit harder to do.

Anyway, i would have an idea that would end the crap and scrambling.
A software that takes screenshots.
This software is capable to read all text inside the screenshot image.
It creates a text file.
This text file along with the URL ends up in a Search Engines database.
Certain already existing rules would apply, web sites that have certain keywords to often will be ignored and so on, exact phrases as search results only etc.
Link counts goodbye, it's to primitive, META Tags goodbye, it's to primitive...........

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