Thursday, January 27, 2011

SEO is dead!

I have a new song for you all today.
SEO is deadeo, SEO is deadeo ... and so on ..., yes, you can sing along to that, even on the famous river side, has a great beat to it too.
Seo is deadeo, SEO is... now you know.


Okay, i'll explain.
If you are active with websites online you probably too have gotten some emails that offered you best SEO services eh??
They land in your spam, they land in your inbox - heck, they even find you through your online contact forms.
Wasen't that in 2004 the latest fashion, how can something survive for this long online??
Right, exactly, it didn't, there's just a bunch of folks out there that learned what SEO is only in 2006, and hence it still takes a while before they get it too, you know,
SEO is deadeo, SEO is deadeo......
(sounds very similar to "happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear S-EEE-OH happy birthday to you") - but let's not speak badly about the dead shall we, after all, it was fun while it lasted, keywords up the chimney and through the roof, meta tags thrown in for all their worth, a ton of doorway pages if you where really sickeningly into it - and the big bad spider people would soon find out what's going on and mock around those infamous algorithms again. Yoohoo!!

Oh how great where those golden old days when all you needed to do was give your site a title or URL like 007 bananasstore.pom and you would find it on top of any olden days Search Engine, and you know people where searching for bananas online in those days like crazy.......

So, all credit to those big bad spider bot people, they kept on learning about all the cheatin' tricks the human nature can think off to out due their silly little scripts on silly little servers and get back to the top of search results.

Eventually it came to the point where SEO became a bad term itself, spider bot technicians started to hate all these tricky tricks people came up with to get more links from more weird websites or, for havens sake, from something like a link farm (wonder how many cows they have in there..) so they started to ban bad SEO people's website for doing to much SEO!
Often that looked like good old Wild West lynch justice, but so far the law enforcement people did not hack off the fingers of the spider bot people, so beware of SEO, you could be hanged long before they ask you any questions (like "why me, why me....").

Lets get serious for a moment now, i told you a Swan song with a great beat to it above, so i might as well also tell you what i think is in these days, but before that i'd like to remind you, SEO is deadeo, got it?? Don't do it again Bro!

So what CAN you still do??
Go back to school!
Well, not physically, they don't like it these days when old guys mingle with regular school kids you know, but mentally, with your inner vision you need to go back to when you where in school and the teacher asked you to write up an essay or whatever.
Are you there yet??

That's what you still can do these days without making the stressed out spider man behind the scenes nervous.
You don't just put some pictures onto your site, impressive Flash or picture on an empty entry page, nah, get right to it, explain, express, fill people in! In full detail, what your site is about, does, sells or offers.

And that's it??

  • Nope that's not it!

Guess what, we still can trick those big bad spider man and woman!
"User contents" is what they are betting on today!
Haven't you sleepy heads noticed this lately??
Do a bunch of searches (for useful information rather than p.o.r.n please) and you might observe that some results of pages they show in the top ten have what you where looking for NOT within their own contents, but either in the sites forum or it's COMMENTS functions (if you know what i mean you Wordpress and Blogger folks out there)!

Yep, the Blog is not dead, i know, it's only SEO ... but i like it, like it, like it, yes i do (as the Rolling Stones would have sung for sure if they would have been born a bit later). Many Blogs these days have double or triple their own contents by "user input", people that COMMENT on what the webmaster has put up for reading - and the spider people think that's is "unbiased, non-fake, true" contents!
Well, maybe so, but maybe not so either!

In any case, the last word out is "get user input" onto your site if you want to be seen as "viable source of information that deserves to be found", hence replace any SEO activity with "GUI" activities!