Monday, May 31, 2010

Bing better than Google now?

Just a day or two ago i did my usual Google search routine.

One of the words within my keyphrase was "gallery" (or galleries).

Google returned - nonsense! (that is nonsense as in nonsense!)
Meaning; the results had text on them that had something to do with my search term or it had lots of links that had something to do with my search term, but nothing that simply showed the kind of image galleries i was looking for.

I rephrased it several times but still no luck.

So, against my not so fond attitude for Badda Bing (as i call it) i went there, I still feel kind of offended that Microsoft helped themselves to my original idea of a background image for the main search interface, which i invented back in 1996 at the Gold Coast, Australia, long before Microsoft could even spell Bing (or so).
See for yourself at Useroo Search Art!
Of course, they use randomly changing photos, while I used my own, personally created art work, using Paint Shop Pro, to create it from scratch, without using photos, and then enhanced it further with a bit of Flash.

Anyway, so i entered the same search citeria in Bing - and voila, I instantly got the results I was looking for.
I also rephrased it several times here, still more to what i was looking for than the Google "gods in transparency" could come up with, i was frankly a tad amazed.....

From now on I will compare the results and encourage everybody to test drive both search engines, and maybe include as well. It shall be interesting to see what we will discover.

Maybe Google took a wrong turn somewhere, while Bing succeeded in offering customers a better search experience ?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Going social - or is that going virtual slave labour?

Boy are we all into it these days!

Not sex, who cares, we're into social networking sites, yes, i could cry,
but it wouldn't help, everyone talks about 'em everyone is on them, and so do i.
Wow, wait a minute, that was even poetic..........

Everyone Tweets something, you must be on Facebook, you want tot share your video on YouTube, and guess what, there is also a thing called FeedBurner, now also just swallowed up by the big Whale called Google - and it's not even bad, because now things work simple and easy.

I've just spent an afternoon and evening on nothing else than populating my feeds there, and it even lets me announce my latest Blog entries via my Blog feed at my website
(see )

Ripple effect, multiply your sites to the extreme, what a glorious world it will be (something from Donald Fagan's "Nightfly" album).

However, do we really see any more hits to our actual websites with this flurry of work we conduct to make these big social networking sites bigger and bigger??

I am not so sure, because what i do has been done by millions - uhps, sorry i think i under estimated things a bit here, maybe i should make that billions - before me and endless more after me, we engage in over populating the web with contents aimed at placing our back links in hope we get higher Google PR or at least more traffic to our websites.
Only trouble with this "spread my sites" thing would be that there are so many same same out there we will still be hard - or even harder - to be found than ever before.

So, are we going anywhere by dedicating each day or week about a full working day to work for free on populating huge sites that make their living off us populating them in incredibly big numbers??

I know, it's kind of fun or for some a challenge to figure out all these sites and what they could possibly do for us, but besides of that it just looks like we conduct a modern version of slave labour, and no one cares, least ourselves.

Monday, March 29, 2010

New professional account at viadeo opened up